How Bargain Hunters Use Cheap French Furnishings to Create Stunning Looks

French furniture is popular among homeowners who want to add grace and interest to rooms. Because styles have changed dramatically over the centuries, there are pieces to fit virtually any taste. While genuine antique furniture often sells for many thousands of dollars, it is not necessary to spend a fortune in order to capture their essence. Savvy buyers know that well-built reproductions can offer the same flair. Authentic but cheap French furnishings in poor condition can be refinished and re-purposing odds and ends is a great way to create charm and style.

Reproductions Provide Affordable Flair

The majority of French furniture shoppers will not buy authentic pieces at auctions like Sotheby’s or Christie’s, or even online dealers like 1Stdibs or Rose & Grey. Their pieces are guaranteed to be authentic but are out of reach for shoppers on budgets. Fortunately, there are exceptional reproductions that mimic the look of French pieces but are much more affordable. Homeowners who have researched the various French Furniture periods and know what they want can often find pieces that provide the charm and beauty of originals at a fraction of the cost. For example, it is possible to shop on Ebay and find a $2,000 reproduction of a French settee that was auctioned off at Sotheby’s for $12,000.

Refurbishing Creates Affordable French Pieces

Homeowners who want to give rooms a French vintage flavor on very modest budgets do well to search for treasures that need refurbishing. Buyers do not have to travel to France and comb estates or vintage shops to find these bargains, either. Sharp-eyed bargain hunters who know their furniture can often find hidden gems at local estate sales, auctions or resale shops. With a bit of time, effort and skill these pieces can often be restored to their original glory. Creative buyers can also find small, affordable accents, like drawer pulls and doorknobs that help create a subtle French look. Re-purposing pieces is another great way to include bargain-priced, stylish pieces. For instance, an older, rusted metal bench can become a charming French-inspired accent piece, while weathered vintage wooden tables make gorgeous French Country sideboards, often with little or no refinishing.

French furniture is in demand because it can be adapted to a variety of decorating styles. Although genuine period pieces are often pricey, many homeowners are still able to create French-inspired decorating themes using quality reproductions and re-purposing inexpensive French accent elements.

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